An ice sculpture to make your event unforgettable

   Ice creation has years of experience in ice carvings. Whether one of our listed ice items or         one of which has been custom design, you can count on us to develop a sensational                   display.

   Our web site will help with your ice selection : bowls, sculptures, food presentation piece,           ice wine or cocktail fountain, even full ice bars- all made especially for you. Banquet,               corporate activity, wedding, cocktail reception, graduation, mother days, etc.

   Our ice is made with the Clinbell machine. It creates a crystal clear ice block. The best ice in the Atlantic provinces. We are the only produces of ice carving ice in the Atlantic region.

The water from your ice melts into drip trays; spotlights create interesting and beautiful effects in the ice.

We would be pleased to create a lasting impression in ice for you. We are situated in Caraquet, New-Brunswick



Ice band saw

Ice creation's new Version2 bandsaw  is almost complete. It will be run through a series of tests to withstand high usage in different work environments. Getting our machine CSA approved afterward will be our highest priority, your safety is our concern. It will be ready for sales in the fall of...