Ice Bowls

Brides, parties, party planners.
Rental operations, caterers, social convenors.
Florist, hotels, club owners.
All will be interested in the ice bowl.

Bowl designs are not limited to weddings themes. Birthdays, anniversaries, corporate functions and fundraising activities are just some of the events where an ice bow adds an elegant touch.

Nor are they restricted to floral motifs. Company logos, jewellery, fish, golf balls and tees, sea shells and even medical accessories-the list of items that can be worked into an ice bowl design is virtually endless. Or left clear, ice bowls can be hand carved to form a Waterford crystal effect. Ice bowls usually hold punch, but they also make a unique serving vessel for seafood, salads or fresh fruit.

The ice bowl has many applications. Primarily used for punch at wedding receptions, it’s also an effective wine cooler and makes an eye-catching seafood and fruit display.

Size: 4” thick and 19.5Ғ wide, 12Ғ deep
Weight: 32 kl (65 lbs)
Capacity: 7 litres
How long does it last: 12 to 15 hours

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