Ice carving

We can create an ice carving from the following themes.
Weddings, seasonal, animals, fishes, sports, corporate logos, ice bars, bottles, chillers and punch bowls.

Size of carvings

A standard carving is done out of 1 ice block, which is from a block of 40 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 10 inches thick. It weight roughly 300 lbs ( 136 kg). About 136 liters of water.

The sculptures can be adjuster to the size you like according to your theme or budget. And since we produce our own ice blocks we can freeze items inside to personalize your carving or structure. We can also add a clear water pipe inside to produce a luge to pour beverages through.

The carvings are placed in a drip pan (extra cost) which has a hose connected to it and is place in an appropriate size bucket under the table.( or emptied once and a while) This can be hidden with the table cloth or skirting.


Lights can be added to the carving either under the drip pan to light it up from the bottom or the back.( extra cost)

All our carvings are handmade. We use special Japanese hand ice carving tools and also modified electric tools (chain saw, drills etc)

We are the only ice carving company in the three Atlantic Provinces. We have freezer truck that can deliver the blocks or carving to your activity.

Set up and dismantling the structure

The delivery cost normally includes the setup fee. But at the end of your activity someone has to tear it down. The ice melt around ¼ inch an hour. So a 1 block carving will keeps its shape for about 4 hrs. The carving will melt evenly all around.

For more imposing structure like ice bar that are made with 4 to 8 blocks . at the end of the night its still standing . So someone has to tear it down and dispose of the melting ice. We can do that at an extra cost.


We recommend that you contact us 1 month prior to your activity. But if we are available we can accommodate last minute carvings.

We have produces carvings for cooperate activities such as:

Full service bars for the hotel Beausejour in Moncton, The university of Prince Edward Island in PEI, Beverage companies such as coors lite, snowfox vodka and iceberg vodka

Sculpture for winter carnival in Dieppe, Riverview, St-John, Fredericton and Shippagan

An 7 foot tall working Grandfather clock for the new-year’s eve party in Saint John water front.

Ice carving    Ice carving   Ice carving