Frequently Asked Questions

Is that really ice?

Yes 100%. It is made with pure water. But seriously, Ice creation produces the best and highest quality ice in the Atlantic provinces. So yes it does look like crystal most of the time.

How long will my carving last?

This is a difficult question because it depends on the thickness of the ice sculpture and where the sculpture is placed. Each sculpture is carved to be structural sound for the entire length of your function but the fine details will change during the course of the function. At Ice Creation, we create our sculptures to have a minimum "showlife" of 6 to 8 hours (usually much longer). This means at room temperature, it will take approximately that long for the detail to melt away. It would take almost 2 days for the carving to completely melt down and disappear. Details are the first to melt, yet as I carve each piece I enjoy adding fine details which enhance the sculpture and make lasting impressions. An example of detail work would be the veins in a swans feather which will usually last two hours but the overall feather itself will last eight hours.

How do you keep the ice from melting?

No special chemicals are used in the water to keep the ice from melting. When ice reaches above 32°, (0 C) it melts. The warmer the temperature the faster it melts. Drain trays , collect water , Ice Creation offers a variety of trays from the lighted tray to the clear plastic tray. All of the trays can be covered with either a white or black cover.

Where should my ice sculptures be placed?

It is mostly a matter of personal preference but it is recommended that you consult with the facility where your function is being held. A few popular locations are in the foyer, on a sweet table, in the center of the room, etc. The ice sculpture should be displayed on a standard, skirted banquet table. Also, please do not attempt to have the ice sculpture moved during the party, so plan ahead and place it somewhere that it can be enjoyed all evening.

What are the most popular sizes and how much do they weigh?

Ice sculptures come in a variety of sizes, however the most popular are FULL BLOCK and HALF BLOCK. A full block measures 40" x 20" and weigh approximately 200 pounds and half blocks are 24" x 20" weighing approximately 100 pounds. However, sizes can vary based on the carving design. Larger sizes are also available and are very popular for that extra special touch.

What is included with the ice sculpture?

The ice carving is the only thing supplied with the price. Please check our web site to see the accessories. But the minimum required would be a pedestal tray with a hose, a bucket for the water to drain into, and battery powered LED lighting (no extension cords to run!). Colored lights makes a better effect. Fresh greenery or mylar (colored tinsel) will add accent the base. We also provide timed delivery and set up would be extra at your party. Some delivery time/zone/holiday restrictions may apply. If you use ice carving at functions regularly , we have permanent table concepts, with drip tray included and lights.

What are individual table centerpieces?

Table Centerpieces are a wonderful alternative for your tables. Every guest can feel like they have their very own ice sculpture! You can choose from several popular designs, or create a style all your own. Each centerpiece is double sided and is placed on a self-contained, lighted tray for water retention. For tradition, we also offer a variety of style of Ice Vases suitable for your favorite fresh flower arrangement or a bottle of wine or champagne.

How far in advance do I need to order and pay for my ice sculpture?

You may place your order for your sculpture at any time that is convenient for you; however, it is best to do it one month minimum prior; popular dates fill up quickly, so it is important to think ahead. We accept major credit cards and cash. A minimum of 10% is requested on order.

How and who should I order my ice sculpture with?

We recommend that you first check with your facility to find out what their preference is. You are more than welcome to order through us, however, if you choose to order directly through your planner, you are still welcome to work directly with us on your design. Either way, you will still get the very best from ice creation.

How do I choose my ice carving design?

Although not necessary, we recommend that you visit our studio, our web site or our pamphlet, where you can see actual sculptures that have been created. If you have a custom design, you should plan on bringing it with you at that time or emailing it. . However, if time is short and you still have a million things to do, we will be glad to help you over the phone, fax and e-mail.

What about prices?

There are a lot of variables when considering an ice sculpture, so costs vary widely depending on size, level of customization and many other factors. Basic sculptures are VERY affordable. For large custom pieces, the sky's the limit! We can give you a very good estimate on just about any sculpture. We at Ice Creation will help you choose an ice sculpture that will compliment your special day AND stay within your budget. Call us for pricing information at  (506) 726-3829.

How long does it take to carve a sculpture?

That really depends on the individual piece. It can take from four to three days depending on the detail.

Where do I carve the ice?

I do a lot though inside the freezer such as multi block pieces, company logos and the fine details to many of the sculptures. The freezer is kept around 25°f (-5 C) so I bundle up and work quickly and efficiently.